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Outdoor Adventures

Great Outdoor Adventures for Great Kids

WOLF CREEK CAMP’S location in the beautiful Hill Country of Central Texas allows campers to enjoy many exciting outdoor adventures.

In these outdoor adventures, campers experience excitement, personal challenge, and satisfaction, finding these adventures to be the perfect complement to their academic work.


Outdoor Adventures Include:

Mountain Biking: Bringing their own bikes, campers explore many trails, both beginner and advanced.

Wild Texas: Campers develop outdoor skills, including orienteering, natural history, survival skills, shelter building, edible and medicinal plant identification, archery, shooting, fishing, and tracking.

Woodworking Shop: Using hand tools, campers design and complete woodworking projects.

Swimming and Water Play: Campers enjoy swimming, canoeing, and fishing in our lake as well as in our pool.

Kayaking and Tubing: Campers navigate both the Pedernales and Guadalupe Rivers.

Team Building: Campers learn to work together as a team and develop both leadership and group interaction skills.

Horsemanship: Campers learn to ride or ride better.


Horseback Riding Program:

Wolf Creek Camp is perhaps the best camp horse program in the country.  Our instructor, Kerri April, is a 4-Star Parelli Natural Horsemanship Instructor. (Check out Parelli on the Internet.)  It’s internationally recognized for it’s excellence.  It is far more than just “riding”. Our horses are highly trained, and our goals are to teach our campers to develop a “partnership” with their horse, to learn what their responsibilities are and what the horse’s responsibilities are.  We help them discover what being in perfect Harmony with their horse mentally, emotionally and physically feels like. Even the most timid and fearful come alive as they learn to ride and become their horse’s leader.  It builds confidence and self-esteem that carries over into every aspect of camp and beyond.



Ms Kerri,

“What I learned with the horses was amazing. Learning to be partners with the horses and having that type of trusting relationship is really astonishing. It’s something I didn’t know I wanted to learn! Thank you!”


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