Wolf Creek Camp


Wolf Creek Camp


Wolf Creek Camp uses an Orton-Gillingham approach to tutoring, the most scientifically validated approach to teaching dyslexic children. 

Each student receives the following instruction daily:

  • one hour of one-on-one, intensive tutoring in reading, spelling, writing and composition
  • one hour of small-group study hall working on individualized assignments structured by the language therapist to reinforce concepts presented in tutoring
  • one hour composition
  • one-half hour of one-on-one oral reading to increase fluency
  • and one-half hour of one-on-one keyboarding for older campers and one-half hour of literature circle for younger campers

This immersion program helps campers strengthen their language foundation, affording them greater success when they return to their schools.  During the program, many of these youngsters will progress through several grade levels in their language skills.


Wolf Creek Camp

Outdoor Adventures:

Wolf Creek Camp also provides a variety of outdoor adventures.  These adventures help campers develop creativity, rediscover enthusiasm, enhance self-esteem, foster individual strengths, and cultivate their sense of mastery.  The confidence campers gain as they successfully participate in these adventures often translates into a more positive attitude that lasts long after they leave WOLF CREEK CAMP.


Wolf Creek Camp, located in the beautiful Hill Country of Central Texas, provides campers with many exciting outdoor adventures and challenges that promote empowerment and confidence. Through these adventures, campers experience excitement, personal challenge, and satisfaction. We find these adventures to be the perfect complement to their academic work.


Facilities and Location

WOLF CREEK CAMP is located on the 60-acre Wolf Creek Guest Ranch in Fredericksburg, Texas.  At a 1900 feet elevation, its rolling ranch land is divided by a dramatic arroyo, cut by a seasonal creek, and it affords spectacular sunrises and sunsets and nights so clear you can touch the stars.  The camp is graced by abundant wild life; a petting zoo; and a small lake for fishing, boating, and swimming.  In terms of facilities, the camp has a girls’ dorm housed in a hand-hewn Amish Barn transported from Ohio; a boys’ dorm housed in a small guest lodge; staff housing in an 1860s log cabin; a dining hall in Little Wolf Barn; and a modern log building for camp-wide meetings and indoor recreation.


The camp is 5 week residential and day camp beginning the last week of June and lasting through the last week of July. 

Day campers ages 7-10 years old.  Residential campers ages 11-16 years old.

Contact: Joyce Bilgrave – 720.980.4805 –  joyce@frontier.net

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Wolf Creek Camp
458 Wolf Way, Fredericksburg, Texas 78624
Joyce Bilgrave: 720.980.4805     joyce@frontier.net

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